Crypto currency Mining & Consulting

I started getting into crypto currency mining in October 2020, and if I'm being honest, I completely fell in love with it. I built my first rig that month and was generating almost $5/day in revenue using a single AMD 5700 XT graphics card mining Ethereum (back when it was proof of work of course). I have built our mining farm to over 70 GPUs and 6 ASIC machines as of 2024.

Over the years, crypto currency mining has changed and evolved. I feel like new projects come out all the time (almost every month). I spend several hours a week keeping up with what is new, what is profitable, how to become more efficient, and learn about new hardware and software in the space.

I have helped several clients with some or all of the following services:


I have over 3 years experience and am well versed in building GPU rigs and setting up ASIC machines (Bitmain Antminer & Goldshell in particular).

Please contact us if you need help building, maintaining, or assisting with your crypto currency needs.

Custom built GPU rigs