Company policies

Web Design Policies

All web site customers are required to pay a non refundable 25% down to begin any web site work. Once the down payment is received and processed, we may begin working on your project. Once the home page is designed and the rest of the pages are replicated, a progress payment of 50% will be due. After the site is fully completed and uploaded to your web host, the remainder of your site will be due. If at any time you choose to cancel the project, no fees that have been paid to Web Pros, Inc. will be refunded.

We guarantee to work on your site regardless of how many hours it takes for the original project. Once your web site is completed, any additional work you request at a later date may be done for no charge if you are a Web Pros, Inc. web hosting customer (if they are minor changes taking 10 minutes or less). If you are not a Web Pros, Inc. web hosting customer, or if the project requires more than a minor change, you will be charged $35 per hour or a per estimate fee.

Web design clients will receive some basic amount of SEO service including title tag, alt tag, meta description and meta keyword tags. If you require more marketing or social media assistance, you may use additional services from Web Pros, Inc.

Web Hosting Policies

We guarantee our servers are online and operating within normal parameters 99% every month. If our machines are not up for reasons other than server hardware/software upgrades and/or routine maintenance you will be credited back for each hour your site is down the following billing cycle.

You may not use our web hosting plans to advertise porn, gambling or any other adult or sexually explicit material. Our services are reserved for businesses or professional personal use only.

You may not run IRC scripts, hacker type programs or any other software on our servers that will interfere with server integrity, stability and/or hinder other clients' site's performance. If you are found running unacceptable programs, we reserve the right to disable the software, remove the software, shut down your DNS, or remove your account completely from our network with or without notification. Depending on the amount of damage done by your software, you may be penalized the amount it costs us to retain original server configuration. This price would include hardware, software, and labor fees.

If you use a Form Mail, PHP Bulletin Board, WordPress, PHP Nuke or any other scripting application, you are responsible for keeping it up to the latest version. Any outdated or exploitable versions that cause problems with the server's uptime or performance will be removed from the machine with or without notification.

We do not fix or debug third party scripts you or other parties have created and placed on our servers (i.e. blogs, shoppping carts, etc.). In addition, we do not support any integration or performance issues you may encounter with your existing software and our servers. This includes, but is not limited to: Java, PHP, Perl, ASP, ASP.NET, Python, SSI.

We are not liable for any loss, claim or expense you may incur by hosting your web sites with our company. Hardware upgrades or temporary outages of services (httpd, mail, ssl, etc.) are inevitable and we are not responsible for any financial damage this may incur onto you or your business.

Spam is defined as sending mass email to people who have not requested to receive it. We do not tolerate spam within any of our hosting accounts. If you are found sending spam in any shape or form, your hosting account will be terminated at our discretion. Depending on the amount of spam sent, your account may also be assessed a penalty fee of up to $3000 before discontinuation.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover or Pay Pal for online payments. If your payment method is rejected when we charge your account, you will have 48 hours to produce a new, valid details. If a new, valid payment method is not produced within this time period, your web site's DNS will be suspended from our servers. If after 7 days payment has still not been received, your account and all of its contents will be removed from our network.

When purchasing a new domain name through our business, we will register it under our name to protect you from fraudulent companies trying to either obtain your domain illegally or assess you fees for services not used. If you prefer to have the new domain listed in your name rather than our company, we will do this with the understanding that you are solely responsible for managing and monitoring your domain name and it's status. Domain name registration fees are non refundable.

In order to save on IP usage, we do not allocate static IP addresses to every domain we host. To qualify for a dedicated IP address, you must contact technical support and prove you require the use of one for your domain. IP addresses are $10 per month extra than your current plan cost and will be added to your next hosting invoice.

Each hosting plan features a free amount of monthly traffic your account may receive. If your site exceeds this pre set limit, your account will be charged at $5 per 1 GB over your initial quota. If you wish to avoid these charges, you may either upgrade to the next available plan, reduce your traffic, or pre pay in 5 GB chunks at a discounted rate of $1 per GB.

SEO and Social Media Policies

Providing search engine optimization for your web site, blogs, social media add-ons, etc. does not guarantee the results of sales or traffic to your web site. These are methods that do work for the majority of our clients, however, every web site, client and company is different. What may work with one customer to generate thousands of dollars per year may yield no results for your business.

The services we offer do not guarantee positions in search engines. Depending on how flooded your particular market is, or depending on what location of the world you are trying to target, will dictate your placement and position. We offers services to boost your likelihood of being found on the internet, we do not and cannot guarantee results from any marketing, optimization, or social media upgrade you select from our company.

All search engine, social media, blog, and other marketing service payments are due upon project completion and are non refundable.